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It Gives Us the Other: Poetry & Translation Workday, PARTICIPANT

Image of It Gives Us the Other: Poetry & Translation Workday, PARTICIPANT


This conference aims to explore the relationships between author and translator, poem and translation, inherent in the translation of poetry; to investigate the translation of poetry as a process and as a product; to think of translation in terms of itself as a creative process as well as in relation to the extant work; and to negotiate the role of translation in the wider life of poetry.


The ticket entitles its bearer to entrance to the workday. It is valid for participants who will NOT be giving a paper on the day. If you have submitted a proposal, please wait for your response (in February) before purchasing a ticket so you will know which kind you will need.

Conference details are available at

This ticket includes lunch. Please specify in your 'note to seller' if you have any dietary needs. We will do our best to fulfill them. Participants are invited to dinner after the reading. If you are interested in joining us, please also specify this in your note to seller. We'll be going to a restaurant in Nottingham where you can have a meal for less than £15 easily.

Conference details:
Location: Nottingham, UK
Date: 28 April, 2011
Reader: (TBC), with

Fee: £10 presenter; £15 student participant; £25 other participant